KCMO’s Lifted Restrictions: Time to Party?

We sat around the table, sipping our coffee and laughing, masks off, faces free. Someone sighed and said what we’d all been thinking, “God. I needed this.” We all know what she meant: the need to have a conversation with a full, unmasked human face is a very real thing. We need to see people who don’t live with us, ok?? With KCMO’s restrictions lifted, that means we’re good to go…right?

Yes…and no. While KCMO has edited it’s COVID restrictions, it’s not quite the free-for-all some are treating it as. For most of us, not much has changed and that is certainly the case for Firebrand Collective and her members.

Our hours of operation will remain the same. We still require masks in our common spaces. Social distancing will continue to be a part of our in-person interactions. Information will still be collected in case of an outbreak.

The big difference is that we are rolling out in-person events again.

Yes, you read that right! With the exception of Lunch & Learns, our programming will return to in-person. We’re talking Business & Beers, Firebrand Collective Book Club, Yoga Flow, and more – all mask to mask, person to person.

It’s time, isn’t it? We saved you a seat – come hang with us.