Health and Safety Policy

Stronger together.

Due to COVID-19, we are implementing new procedures to reassure each and every one of you that your coworking space is a safe and secure one. If we all do our part, Firebrand Collective can remain a place of refuge for each and every member.


  1. Social Distancing.
    Firebrand has implemented official social distancing measures by placing desks and tables in the common area at least (6) six feet apart and reducing the number of chairs at each to (1) one . Please do not move the tables or desks without permission from your community manager.

  2. Guests and client visits.
    Guest and clients must be registered with the front desk upon entry to the space. If I am not here, you may email me your guest details at .Due to our doors being closed to the public, members must meet guests at the door to allow them entry. Your guests must follow the rules of the space, as noted in our Membership Agreement and House Rules – this extends to the rules laid out in this policy.

  3. Cleanliness and disinfecting the space.
    We are cleaning and disinfecting shared surfaces and high-touch areas three times per day. These include desks, doorknobs, buttons and switches, and kitchen and bathroom faucets, etc.

  4. Helping you stay healthy, too.
    Masks are REQUIRED in the common space unless actively eating or drinking. If you forget yours, we do have extra on hand.

    There are several hand sanitizer “stations” set up throughout the space. Additionally, antibacterial soap is available at all sinks. We ask that everyone in the space thoroughly washes their hands frequently with warm water for at least 20 seconds and avoids touching their face. 

  5. Coffee. Because it is the most important thing.
    We have temporarily removed all mugs from the space and are only using disposable coffee and tea cups. A single-serve Keurig at the coffee station. 
  6. What if, despite everything, COVID-19 finds us? 
    If a confirmed case of COVID-19 is present in our workspace, or individuals in our workspace have been exposed to a confirmed case, we will notify our general membership and the individuals effected immediately. A full cleaning and disinfection of the space will be performed as soon as possible.


Remember – we are better together…but not too close together.  

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