GSD: A MasterminD

Are you tired of spinning your wheels? Tried of implementing changes only to see them fall by the wayside as soon as you become "too busy"? 

Get ready to change all that. Grab a cup of coffee and learn, implement, and celebrate growth  with GSD at Firebrand Collective. Equal parts goal-setting, accountability, and coaching, with monthly guest speakers, GSD is the mastermind you've been looking for.

Grab a Cup of Coffee & work on - Not in - your business every monday morning.

Join our dynamic, action-oriented mastermind and see the progress you've been craving for your business! 

What You need to know: 

Every Monday from 9:30AM - 11:00AM, we sip coffee and break those big goals of yours into measurable, actionable steps. We’re going to put foundations under your castle in the clouds. From check-in to intention-setting, the weekly process is designed to inspire and manifest productivity, confidence in your ability to get shit done, and success. 

It’s time to get out of your own way. GSD is here to help with that. 

Resources & Tools 

Each month and topic means different perks, freebies, and/or expert speakers. Plus, you can always expect support, guidance, access to the GSD Slack channel and free coworking after meetings so you can quickly apply your newfound knowledge in the same setting you learn it.

We’re not into education without action and we know you aren’t either.

This mastermind is available for free to Firebrand Collective Hot Desk members and above.

Not a member? No problem! Get in on this for just $50/month. (It’s a steal of a deal and you’re under no obligation to join for more than one month at a time.) 

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