Forever Changing, Forever Growing…From Megan’s Desk

Red-headed woman in a pink blouse working on her desktop computer.

Sometimes it feels like just when you get used to life, just when things start to feel comfortable…everything changes. Well, hold on to your feminist folding chairs, because there are some big changes taking place at Firebrand Collective (and also in my life).

I’ve been sitting on this news for a while, making small changes to my LinkedIn and Instagram bios, telling one person at a time…avoiding the day when I had to make an official announcement, not because I’m not ready, but because I am.

For months now, I felt that my career had stagnated; the entrepreneurial journey I was on looked less like the mountains and valleys I was used to and more like one long, dull plateau. I was no longer excited or passionate about working at Firebrand; she had outgrown me and I, her. One day, standing in my kitchen, I lifted up my glass of wine and firmly informed the universe that I wanted a job – something new – and it couldn’t be boring, thanks very much.

In that way that only the universe works, two weeks later I received an email from a start-up called Venn. Their tagline: The Neighborhood Company. They were interested in talking to me about a position for a new team they were launching in Kansas City; the job would take everything I had learned over the last half decade in a totally new direction. Was I interested?


To cut to the chase, the universe has given me what I asked for. Since March 15, I have been Venn’s Head of Community for Kansas City and I cannot begin to say how excited I am for the future. Not just for me, but also for Firebrand.

As we move forward into this new chapter, I know that she (and you – her members) are in good hands. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be introduced to your new community managers. New programming will roll out, new opportunities to learn, get to know your fellow Firebrands, and contribute to the Kansas City community we all love so much. New faces will be seen alongside familiar smiles. You will certainly see me pop in from time to time.

Change can be hard and it is almost always bittersweet, but it can also be joyful and exciting. I am reminded that the definition of “firebrand” is this: “a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action.”

Let’s embrace the change – we are Firebrands.