Camp Firebrand:

Kid-Friendly Coworking

Laundry, dishes, groceries - "Mommy, play with me!" - clutter, dog hair, deadlines - "Mom, I'm bored..." - to-do lists, errands, client work - "Do I have to?!" 

Sometimes you need to get out of the house to get anything done, but, with kids in tow, options can seem limited. Oh, girl, do we have your back or what?! (We totally do.)

Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9AM-5PM are now yours. Bring your kids to work in a clean, social-distanced environment and soak up the restorative energy of working around people who get it. Snag a cup of coffee for you, a craft kit for them, and settle in for a day of no-pressure productivity. This is "it takes a village" at it's finest. 

With Camp Firebrand Day Passes just $20/day and monthly memberships at $150/month, there's no reason not to. Grab your kiddos and your work bag - you're going to be productive AF in a judgement-free, supportive environment. (And your kids are going to LOVE our Busy Boxes.)


1) Sign in to or register for an account at
2) Select your preferred parent-child membership: Camp Firebrand Day Pass ($20/day) or Camp Firebrand Monthly Membership ($150/month). 
3) Enter your payment information and hit "pay".
5) High-five yourself, because YOU are going to be productive again.

*Masks are required for anyone over 5 years of age. 

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