Ten Things I Love...with J.Lynn Designery

Jenna Murillo, owner of J.Lynn Designery - possibly the cutest person on the place of the planet. 

Jenna Murillo is the owner and creative force behind J.Lynn Designery

Her goal is to bring beauty and function to your workspace through products that help you work happier and more productive so you can do GREAT work and get to what’s most important at the end of the day.

Her work has been featured in Hallmark, SELF, and The Huffington Post.

She also may be the single cutest human being on the face of the planet. Seriously.

These are her favorite things right now. 

Continue reading for Jenna Murillo's favorite things this summer! 
#1 - Glace's French Lavendar Ice Cream. Nothing better in the heat of summer!


1. Lavender ice cream
Few things beat the heat and sweet tooth cravings like lavender-flavored ice cream! Something about that sweet, floral-y aroma awakens my taste buds and makes me heart so happy; the lavender with chocolate chip ice cream at Glacé is my current go-to this season!



2. Kendra Scott
A jewelry company after my own heart, Kendra Scott is quickly taking over my jewelry collection, thanks to their stunning, colorful designs — and how could a gal say no to choosing her own jewels at the Color Bar??

3. Real Simple
Isn’t this a staple for any organization-loving human? One of my favorite moments of each month is picking up the newest issue of Real Simple and setting aside a night to indulge in all the neat and tidy things this mag has to offer.


4. Botanicals
...And notice I didn’t just say plants. Friends, I’m talking botanical prints, designs, sculptures, and yes, of course, the real thing, too. I recently adopted a snake plant and have doven head first into the world of all things fresh and green.


5. Iced Coffee
I’m generally a hot cup of coffee kinda gal, but recently got turned onto the magic of black iced coffee (a bold move for someone who used to order a blueberry caramel coffee as her staple back in the day).

Gotta love that green!
Paying omage to her current love of color and pattern! 



6. Patterns
Solid, pastel colors and minimalist design is a signature of my product line, but I’ve recently so enjoyed exploring pattern creation! The August calendar freebie I released this month is an ode to my new love of pattern design.


7. Paper Mate Pens
Paper Mate colored pens have always been one of my favorites for adding a splash of color to my planner and lists — and they just released the prettiest new collection this summer called Candy Pop! I can’t get enough of these new colors this season.


8. Essentialism by Greg McKeown
Essentialism is the newest book I’m diving into, and although I just started this puppy, I am so in love with the author’s  philosophy of the disciplined pursuit of less. Minimalist living at its finest.


9. Summer rain
While I love a bright, sunny day as much as the next person, I find so much inspiration in the summer rain and storms that pass through. As a creative, this is often when I do my best, most inspired work in the haven of my home office.

Seriously, if ever you need a refresher on loving summer, the heat of July and August is the time and Jenna's list is late summer perfection. I want to grab my swimsuit and sunglasses and relax poolside with the latest copy of Real Simple right now! 

What are you loving right now? Tell us in the comments!