Firebrand Bosses: Megan Wood of Prince Portrait

Y'all know we love our Firebrand Boss series - these creatives are near and dear to our hearts - and it is that time again! We are so pleased to bring you an interview with this month's Firebrand Boss, Megan Wood of Prince Portrait

We love Megan. She's shot at the Firebrand studio several times now - enough that when her name pops up on the studio calendar we get excited, because we know something special is coming. She takes her client experience to a new level and the way she works the light is pure magic. We could go on and on, but this interview speaks for itself: Megan Wood is the real deal.


Image by Megan Wood. Girl's got a strong selfie game.

Image by Megan Wood. Girl's got a strong selfie game.

In one sentence, how would you describe your business?

I am in the business of being exposed, literally & figuratively; I am open & vulnerable with my clients because I ask them to be open & vulnerable with me. 


Where were you when you started your business? What led to that moment of deciding "I'm going to take this idea to the next level"?

I always knew I would own some kind of creative business, but I thought it would be interior decorating or something design based. My love of writing & storytelling morphed into photojournalistic photography & wedding work, & that's when I realized my absolute favorite part of the day was the getting ready portion. I loved watching my clients go from pajamas & no makeup to show stopping, confident brides. I am a lover of transformations so when I found beauty & boudoir, it was the perfect match. Now I get to show others what they look like through the eyes of those who love them.

Of all the different paths your business could take, what's one place you can see your business in five years?

I'll be on the road, no question. I love my hometown but I am a wandress at heart. I would love to have my main studio in KC & spend most of my time traveling. Meeting new people & creating gorgeous images in their homes or on location sounds like heaven.

Prince Portraits Kansas City Boudoir photography at Firebrand Collective 2.jpg

What is your entrepreneurial superpower?

I see potential in everything & everyone. I have always had a knack for turning the ordinary into something marvelous. The ability to show someone their unrealized beauty is a gift that makes my heart glow, I'm thrilled to have found my purpose so early in life.

5) What is next for you? Anything big on the horizon? Upcoming events or releases you want to pimp out?

A few things, but the biggest one is still under wraps! Something I can share is that Prince Portrait's birthday is coming up. To celebrate, one lucky lady will win $1000 in studio credit! I'll be rolling out details on my blog & on Facebook very soon!

Prince Portraits Kansas City boudoir photography at Firebrand Collective 3.jpg

6) If you could give your younger self, before you opened your business, some advice what would that be?

Stop hesitating. When you're at the edge of a decision, jump. It's far better to have tried & failed than to never try at all. Trust yourself & your abilities.

Megan Wood is the owner & artist at Prince Portrait, a luxury beauty & boudoir experience for women who dare to flaunt their femininity. True to her journalism background, she specializes in telling her clients' self love stories in studio and on location. Megan is passionate about animal rescue and loves using her down time to explore or snuddle (snuggle+cuddle) with her fur babies.

You can follow Megan on Facebook and Instagram.