You're Invited...To A Female Power Hour

Join Firebrand Collective, Space Style Sunday, and Fem.Society for a Female Power Hour of epic proportions. Together we rise! 

Calling all badass women! 

Do you need a drink? A high-five? Someone to hear about that awesome idea you have floating around? Look no more! Join Firebrand Collective, Space Style Sunday, and Fem.Society to drink and mingle with like minded badasses! We are here to support each other, so let’s party together.


You, your old friends, and your new friends (who are all fucking baddass, btw). Entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, 9-5’ers, all y'all come on down! Let’s do this. It’s not BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine), but feel free to grab a bottle to share! Come as you are, leave with new friends and a renewed sense of “I got this, I’m a fucking badass!”

///This is a ladies only event, as much as we love the guys, there’s nothing that can replace connecting to another woman over a cocktail or three.\\\


We want to grow your inner circle through authentic communication. We all talk about the weather, but do we really need to? Uh, no. Let’s cut through the BS and connect on a real level.

Megan, Chelsea, and Abi are all in completely different stages of life and guess what, it doesn’t matter! They still connect over real life. With everything getting more and more digital, finding people who you can really connect with can be difficult and we want to help you make those connections happen. When we find our community and speak our truth, amazing things happen. Kansas City is a treasure trove of amazing women and we want to meet every. single. one of you! To quote the immortal Mariah, "We belong together...".


You want these dets? Here ya go:

  • Friday, December 1st (YES - First Fridays is on the actual first, how perfect is that?!)
  • 3-6p

Just because our event ends at 6, doesn’t mean you have to leave the party! There are SO many amazing things to do on First Fridays! Did you make a new BFF? Please continue the party down the road! I mean, literally - visit The Ship or go shopping at FETCH!  You won’t regret it...I mean, you might regret going into FETCH because all her stuff is perfect and amazing and hilarious and you might just empty your wallet...Not that I have experience in this area....


Firebrand Collective
1332 13th St. KCMO 


Dude. Why not party and win badass prizes?! Did you think we were going to have this group of women together without spicing up the deal?



Time for a Pre-Release Giveaway (That means that NONE OF THESE are available to the public yet)! The prizes outlined below have been handcrafted to empower the fuck out of whoever wins these them. There is nothing more amazing than winning things to help you achieve exactly what you want, am I right?

 Not only should you have the space to create whatever the hell you want, you should also have the team behind you to make it happen, and feel amazing in your style doing it! Bring your business card, a sticky note with your name and special talent, or a drawing of your favorite animal to the event for entry.

Grand Prize - $1200+/value
3 months membership to Fem.Society
1 month Studio+ membership @ Firebrand Collective
Wardrobe Styling from Space Style Sunday

Second Prize - $750+/value
2 free months membership to Fem.Society
1 month Office Membership @ Firebrand Collective
Private Shopping Event with Shop Style Sunday

Third Prize - $300+/value
1 free month membership to Fem.Society
1 month 5-hour Studio Membership @ Firebrand Collective
Digital Styling Consult from Space Style Sunday

Y'all, this is going to be BALLER. Come party with us - take the first steps to changing your world!