Firebrand Bosses: Josh Solar, Energy Guide

Guys. First Wednesday of the month. Firebrand Boss time, yeeaaaah! 

This month's Boss is extra special to Firebrand. Not only has he been a huge influence in Megan's photography journey, inspiring her long before she ever met him (for realsies), but he was an early supporter of Firebrand and is teaching the second Mindful Boss Workshop. 

His own journey as a creative soul, from photographer to designer behind Hello Happiness Card Co to energy guide and reiki master, has centered around kindness and love for his fellow humans, and his bear hugs are the best. Y'all, meet Josh Solar! 

Josh Solar, Kansas City-based energy guide and reiki master, is a bad-ass, loving AF Firebrand Boss! 

 In one sentence, how would you describe your business?

Through guided breathwork + reiki I guide you to a state of relaxation where your body will heal mentally + physically.

Where were you when you started your business? What led to that moment of deciding "I'm going to take this idea to the next level"?

Non glamorous & short version is this: I was on a Skype call with a friend who believed very passionately that I needed to unleash this side of me into the world. Longer version of the story is this: As cliche as this sounds, my whole life has led me up to this point where I have a) the knowledge + b) the practice + c) the courage to put myself out into the world as someone who guides others to a calmer, more present state. My life has been one of connection + encouragement + love for my fellow humans + it hurts me so much to see us all (myself included) get stuck, stressed out + overwhelmed at the lives we're living.

Our lifetime is short. Our time with our loved ones is even shorter. Each + every day is one miracle after another. I can create a space where your body resets, re-aligns energetically + you can heal whatever it is you've got going on. You already have the tools. I just help you uncover them + give a little nudge in the right direction. I know this to be true because I've been my own guinea pig for my entire life. 

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe Like A Boss with Josh Solar and Firebrand Collective.
And now laugh a little bit, because its good for you and life can be pretty awesome.

Of all the different paths your business could take, what's one place you can see your business in five years?

Since this endeavor is fairly new for me I want to share my ultimate dream. I'd love for a space to exist. One where you've got people from all walks of life coming to relax + feel seen + know they have a safe space to show up + be 100% themselves. I imagine a spot where I'm leading a few group sessions a week, traveling a bit to share what I've learned with people all over the world + doing 1 on 1 work. I'd also like to be in a position to teach everyone interested all of the tools they need to do this stuff for themselves. I'm just a channel. I'm not magic. It's the process that's magic.

What is your entrepreneurial superpower?

I'm great at creating space where people feel comfortable to open up + be vulnerable...why is this an entrepreneurial super power, you might ask? Because when people feel comfortable to share without fear of shame or judgement, we all connect on the deepest of levels + that's what life is all about. Connection.

What is next for you? Anything big on the horizon? Upcoming events or releases you want to pimp out?

Working on some guided meditations. But honestly, nothing compares to the in person experience. I'd love to do more group sessions at places around Kansas City.

Do you have any rituals? If so, what is it/are they? (PS - there is no such thing as share!) 

Rituals? Where to start. There are basic daily habits that keep me grounded, calm, centered & ready to take on the world with love. I've kind of picked up and modified many breathing methods to what works for me. It's as follows...

20 minutes combo Wim Hof Method breath holds/Breathwork breathing
20 minutes deep inhale/exhale (through the nose)

The whole time I'm doing those I'm practicing self reiki & re-aligning my chakras.
I do this every day.

Other rituals/habits:

Read at least 10 pages of an actual book every day. Usually it's more, but 10 pages is the bare minimum. I also don't read novels very often so I can be in the middle of anywhere from 4 or 5 books at a time. I then pick whichever book excites me in the moment to read :)

Yoga/stretching 3 days a week. This has been hampered a bit since I broke my wrist in March. I do still make sure I get my crossfit in 4 days a week though :)

Eat vegetables at least 3 times a day.

3 sessions of at least 5 minutes of heart centered breathing with my Inner Balance Sensor from Heartmath (Note: I'm in the process of becoming a Heartmath Add Heart Facilitator to help us all live more heart focused lives)

As I type this out, it seems like so much, but really I just make sure I spend a lot of time doing things that light me up, fill me up & help me deal with the stress of everyday living. The time I spend pausing & focusing on my breath/heart allows me to better serve the people in my life.

Josh Solar is an Energy Guide, a Professional Encourager, a Joy Seeker, a Big Dream Pursuer + a Family Adventurer. He loves meditation, stillness, 80's hip hop + breakdancing (although he sucks at it), + long strolls through tall trees. Getting lost while hiking is one of his many talents, which isn't always a bad thing.

You can find Josh on InstagramFacebook, and on his website

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