Firebrand Bosses: Keely of Adorned Decor

It's time for us to shout about how much we love our local community!!!! This is one of our very favorite things to do, and this month, we want to tell you all about Keely Gilbert of Adorned Decor. You might remember her from last week's blog post, where we featured the workshop she hosted here at Firebrand Collective!

Keely is the maker behind Adorned Decor. She creates beautiful hand made signs and home decor that help tell your family's story and make your house a home! Most days you can find her in her workshop (aka garage) building and painting signs, usually with a cup of coffee nearby and Pandora pumping in the background. 

As always, we have the same few questions that we asked, but we also add on a question written by the previous interviewee -- so question #6 is from Maddie of Fête Box!

And now, we'll let Keely take it away!

1) In one sentence, how would you describe your business?

Adorned Decor specializes in meaningful hand made signs and home decor for your life and home.

2) Where were you when you started your business? What led to that moment of deciding "I'm going to take this idea to the next level"?

I started Adored Decor back in 2015 when I was at a crossroads in my life. I was wanting to start to new career path using my creativity and doing something I was passionate and excited about but I didn't know exactly what that would look like. After dreaming and planning for months I took a leap of faith and opened my shop in October 2015. It quickly turned into a business and I am blessed to now be working and creating out of my home full time. 

3) Of all the different paths your business could take, what's one place you can see your business in five years?

Thinking 5 years down the road is so hard! I wish I had a great answer for that question, but to be honest I don't even know what the next few months brings! I will say, that wherever it is in 5 years I hope to still be enjoying it and making a difference in peoples lives and homes! My husband would answer this as "in 5 years every home in America will have an Adorned Decor product in their home" haha He has lofty dreams! ;) 

4) What is your entrepreneurial superpower?

I would say my entrepreneurial superpower is being a risk-taker- especially with power tools. ;) 

5) What is next for you? Anything big on the horizon? Upcoming events or releases you want to pimp out?

Well I recently had my first big hand lettering/sign making workshop (shout out to Firebrand!) and I had such a blast that I hope to do more of those in the future! I also recently came out with a mug collection so I'm excited to see where those go! 

6) BONUS QUESTION: [from Maddie of Fête Box!] Recently there was a popular businesswoman whose video went viral describing how as a young girl growing up, her father would ask her what her biggest failure of the day was. He would celebrate her failures. Her father wasn't particularly hoping she would fail, but rather was inquiring about her resilience and ability to learn from failure (even on the minute level). After hearing this, it is something I've started asking my daughter daily and thus paying way more attention to my own failures vulnerabilities. Lord knows I've had---and still continue to have---my fair share of failures! So, what failures have you experienced (big or small) and how they have influenced you?

I think every business experiences failures, whether big or small, so I can say I've definitely had a few of those! A few that come to mind are when I've released new product or put myself out there on social media and then all I get back are crickets. In those moments I have to give myself a pep talk and remind myself that my value and worth is not dependent on how many likes, comments, or purchases I get. I learn to keep pushing through, practice gratitude, and celebrate others in my industry that are rocking it. 

Thank you for sharing with us, Keely. We are so honored to know you!!!! Y'all, go give Keely a follow over on Instagram: @adorned_decor and check out her Etsy shop over at or on Facebook!

Photos of Keely by Kristina Seeber Photography, and photos of her products by Keely herself!