Firebrand Bosses: Maddie of Fête Box

It's time for us to shout about how much we love our local community!!!! This is one of our very favorite things to do, and this month, we want to tell you all about Maddie of Fête Box


Maddie is the Founder and Chief Party Curator at Fête Box (Pronounced fℰt), a stylish party-in-a-box service for any occasion. With a degree in Fine Art and an event-based professional background, Maddie uses her love for unique parties to create beautiful Fete Boxes that make party throwing effortless.

When she’s not planning everyday occasions or plotting new parties you will likely find her being silly with her preschool-age daughter, drinking craft beer with her husband, collecting eggs from her backyard urban chicken coop, or tending to her garden.

In this Firebrand Bosses series, we have the same few questions that we will ask of each creative, but we will also add on a question written by the previous interviewee in the future. Maddie contributed a question to ask our next interviewee, but we didn't want her to feel left out (being our very first interview!) so we took it upon ourselves to come up with a bonus question of our own to ask her!

And now, we'll let Maddie take it away!

1) In one sentence, how would you describe your business?

Fête Box designs and creates Pinterest-worthy parties and events for all of life's occasions. 


2) Where were you when you started your business? What led to that moment of deciding "I'm going to take this idea to the next level"?

Starting Fête Box was a total turning point for me. At the time, I was staying at home with my young daughter and working as a freelance designer creating invitations. And though I have a long history of entertaining for family, friends, and working in event-based industries, I hadn't really entertained the idea of merging the two ideas. An "ah-ha!" moment or two later I realized that I was already half-way through my business concept by selling invitations, and Fête Box was the next most natural step forward. Supporting other women and moms became paramount to me as I heard stories from almost every woman I talked to who (thanks to sites like Pinterest) complained of feeling behind in life, or less worthy, than other more crafty women. Determined to make every lady/hostess/mom/aunt/sister feel amazing through creating beautiful parties and everyday occasions is totally the "why" behind Fête Box. 


3) Of all the different paths your business could take, what's one place you can see your business in five years?

You know, I wish I had the answer to this at my fingertips. My business is still young and I am definitely still learning tons. I'm not sure exactly where Fête Box will be in 5 years, but I definitely know it will be somewhere amazing! I do hope to be working with more companies hosting launch parties, larger-scale annual events, etc. along with entertaining the manufacturing side of party goods.

4) What is your entrepreneurial superpower?

My entrepreneurial superpower is definitely my ability to make (or figure out how to manufacture) just about anything. Thanks, art school!

5) What is next for you? Anything big on the horizon? Upcoming events or releases you want to pimp out?

We're ramping up for the holiday season right now. We have a seasonal Fête Box that is called Elf Made Easy, which is an awesome kit that provides parents with an entire month of pre-made scenes for their popular holiday Elf. It comes with a parent handbook and everything a person needs to rock the elf with ease. It is, without a doubt, our most popular seasonal box! 

6) BONUS QUESTION: What's your favorite ice cream flavor and where do you get it? Is it at a grocery store, or do you get it at a favorite ice cream shop in town?

This is a hard one. I'm honestly not a huge ice cream fan......I know, criminal right? I do love anything with tons of chocolate though! 


Thank you for sharing with us, Maddie. We are so honored to know you!!!! Y'all, go give Maddie a follow over on Instagram: @fetebox_kc and check out her awesome website over at

Photos by Brooke Ratterree