Abortion, Women’s Rights, and Why Speaking Out Is Our Civic Duty…From Megan’s Desk

A person holds a sign made of newspaper. Written on the newspaper in thick, black letters are the words, "We Will Never Go Back".

***Spoiler Alert*** If you’ve been living under a rock or on the back side of a mountain with no internet access for the last month, you may be surprised to hear that women’s rights are under attack. Regardless of your state of awareness, if you are outraged, nervous, scared and want to take a stand, this post is for you. It’s for the folks who show up at the polls, speak our minds, and expect to be treated with fairness and equality, as is our right.

Many people were shocked when Justice Alito’s draft majority opinion came to light. Roe v. Wade has been a pillar of women’s rights since the decision was handed down in 1973. Women from many walks of life – too poor, too young, too old, not ready, raped, coerced, abandoned, cis, trans, non-binary liberal, and, yes, conservative – have benefitted from it’s protection, especially in Republican-held, legislatively majority male states that continually erode away at a woman’s right to choose.

Women stand in a group facing away from the camera, holding a red sign with pink letters. It reads, "March Like Your Future Depends On it." The "o" in "Your" is the female symbol.

If my stance on this topic is not clear, allow me to clarify: I believe passionately and completely in a woman’s right to choose and our right to health care, far removed from the back alley and kitchen cupboard abortions that affected our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generations. Furthermore, we have a civic duty to defend those rights, regardless of how they align with any personal beliefs.

Here are a list of actions YOU can take to support a woman’s right to choose:

1. Tell your senator to vote YES on the Women’s Health Protection Act. The WHPA will protect the right to abortion throughout the United States, making it unlawful for state politicians to ban abortion and guarding against unnecessary abortion restrictions at the state level. Read more and act here.

2. Kansas folks – Volunteer for Planned Parentood Great Plains phone banks. Encourage Kansas residents via phone to Vote NO on the Kansas constitutional amendment. Register here.

3. DONATE. Planned Parenthood Great Plains, Missouri Abortion Fund, and Kansas Abortion Fund are great places to start. Another, always wonderful option is the ACLU (National / Missouri / Kansas).

Women stand in a group facing away from the camera, holding a metalic sign with purple and pink lettering. It reads, "Not Your Incubator," and features a line of small, yellow chicks.

This fight may be longer and harder than we would like. The Alito draft will likely be a published majority opinion in just a few weeks and we may lose the protection provided us in Roe v. Wade. If that happens, we must be prepared to act swiftly and with vehemence on a local and state level. Our voices must be heard and action must be taken! Take your place in the movement!