Meet The Firebrands: Content Factory

Meet Erin and Jacob, Content Factory

I am so excited to bring to you Firebrand Collective’s first Anchor Member.

Content Factory was born through founder Erin Sullivan’s experience creating unique, custom content for businesses. Over time she realized that her special mix of media was the secret sauce every business needs, and began offering the first Content Factory service. With the success of this new service, Erin decided to focus solely on solving creative-minded business’ content problems. Production Director Jacob Orlowski joined the studio to allow Content Factory to continually pump out fun, new content.

In this feature, I sat down (not in person, obviously) with Erin and Jacob to talk partnerships, studio life, and, of course, COVID-19. Because who can get enough COVID-19 these days? Either way, I know you’ll love these two creative minds as much as I do.

Photography - Jacob Orlowski // Art Direction - Erin Sullivan

Photography – Jacob Orlowski // Art Direction – Erin Sullivan


In one sentence, how would you describe your business?
We create fun & colorful visual content for product-based businesses.

What led to that moment of action, of deciding to take this from idea to inception?
Jacob: The more time we spent working together on photo-based projects which made us feel like there was an unexplored business opportunity.
Erin: Megan & Firebrand helping us get the ball rolling by providing us the opportunity to start working in a studio space instead of out of our living room.

There are two of you. Do you have defined roles within Content Factory?
Erin’s role as creative director means she comes up with the creative concepts for photoshoots, brand design, social media, etc. She also works to keep our own brand consistent as the head designer of Content Factory. Jacob’s role is production director meaning he works with all the lighting, audio equipment, computer equipment and any and all tech stuff. He’s also the lead photographer. Basically Erin creates & designs the visions that Jacob builds & photographs.

You’re more than just business partners, though. You’re dating as well. How do you maintain a balance between work and personal life?
Jacob: Right now it’s difficult since we’ve been working at home as well. But when we use our studio space it’s nice to be able to go to work to actually work and then go home and do things that don’t have anything to do with work.

Photography - Jacob Orlowski // Art Direction - Erin Sullivan

Photography – Jacob Orlowski // Art Direction – Erin Sullivan

How has the COVID-19 epidemic changed the way you work?
Erin: I’ve had to go back to working at my kitchen table (ugh) and setting up a small studio space in the living room. We took some small rolls of seamless paper and some essential props, lighting, and equipment home so we could still do photoshoots, etc. at home.

This may be masochistic, but where’s the first place you’ll go when businesses start reopening?
Erin: Probably Manny’s for infinite chips and salsa and a margarita.
Jacob: I want to go to the movies again.

What is your entrepreneurial superpower? What skill, talent, or personal resource has been or become the most valuable?
Erin: I’m going to answer for Jacob and say that his lighting skills take our photography to a whole new level and make them look better than ever.
Jacob: I’m going to answer for Erin and say she is business savvy from having started a business before Content Factory and also her big ideas she always has for our business.

Photography - Jacob Orlowski // Art Direction - Erin Sullivan

Photography – Jacob Orlowski // Art Direction – Erin Sullivan

In a world where people often showcase only their best moments and work, how do you handle the comparison factor in either your business, life or both?
Erin: I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll unfollow an account or just mute them if I feel like they’re giving me imposter syndrome.
Jacob: I save those posts that look best and use them as inspiration for future projects.

Who or what has been your greatest influence in business and why?
Erin: When I was first starting my business I was inspired by other women starting businesses who were like 2-3 years ahead of me because it was cool to see where my business could be in the future. Now I’m inspired by people like Bethenny Frankel, who I watched start a business that wasn’t successful yet and now has a whole empire.

What is next for Content Factory? Anything big on the horizon? Just getting back to the studio and getting into the workflow that we had before the quarantine. Setting up some new fun shoots.

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